Hi my name is Bethany. Me & My Dad, run a smallholding as a micro Business, We hire about 1/3 an acre of local farmland & We Keep Chickens, Ducks, Geese & Pigs.
We have been experimenting with Mixing "old" Methods with new thinking, and going back to the Land to create Livestock & systems that we believe are healthier both for the environment & ourselves
Since doing this our fertility rates and Quantity of Hatched Chicks have increased!
We have also noticed that our chickens bred for eating have taken on a much gamier flavour and have far less fat than supermarket chicken.
People have reported to us that the taste of our eggs is creamier, than any others they have tried. We already know that this must be in part at least due to the fact that our chickens are kept on grassed areas. We have to work hard to achieve this because chickens will ruin a patch of ground & make it bare.
Therefore we have to keep a much smaller number of chickens on a greater area of rotated land! This is a more expensive way of doing things, but the quality of the chicken’s lives & therefore the quality of their eggs is the highest it can possibly be.
                       Oldganics is based upon the following principles:-
1) To use methods that doesn't fight against nature, but instead either complement nature or use nature’s abundance. Basically work with nature & support with modern methods only when absolutely necessary. It’s a common sense approach.
2) Put something back to support the local ecosystem.
3) Keep livestock Happy, by not overcrowding, get them back into a more natural environment as is possible or mimic their natural environment as much as possible.
4) If profit is made to make it responsibly and never to take more from nature than is actually needed.
5) Any Chemical used on the land should be easily assimilated and broken down by nature.
6) As daft as it may sound in the modern world, we believe that showing LOVE to living things makes them thrive, and have some extra quality that at this time cannot be quantified.
A source of these principles can be found by considering what peoples in the past used Since in the main many ancient cultures worked with nature & found solutions to problems from nature, but also used their  own inventiveness to solve problems.
This means considering what the “old” peoples used to use to solve farming & hunter Gathering problems.
However we appreciate that modern methods have also certain advantages, and these too may be included as long as they don't outright damage the environment & fight against the natural order of things, Modern Chemical methods are are used as a last resort.
Some examples:-
The red Indians often when gathering wild crops would also deliberately spread the seed of the plant they were taking to ensure its continued existence for future generations. They would respect the taking of life, endeavour to use the animal to the full, not wasting its life.
Ancient Greeks & Britons used tansy – a slightly poisonous plant to kill intestinal worms in man and beast.
Lime was often used to paint houses, although lime is an alkali, nature can easily cope & assimilate this type of chemical. In addition as it degrades it sanitizes.
Farmers used to leave Edges around their cultivated areas for wild flowers & plants to grow. This supported other animals such as ground nesting birds, insects etc. This kept the land around alive, while still allowing cultivation.

What’s the difference between organics and Oldganics?
Oldganics focuses on the principle that if you take something (from nature), something needs to be returned. The fact is “Raping” the natural order of things has brought our planet to its knees.
Whereas organics just focuses in on the fact that is taken from more natural sources, Oldganics takes into consideration that every action has a re-action, which must be counteracted if possible.
Therefore Responsible profit is made rather than “I've made a buck, that’s all that matters” attitude so prevalent today.
Oldganics is based on using pre-industrialized methods FIRST, but NOT EXCLUSIVELY!
So if our animals get sick and we have tried all other known methods we will use antibiotics to support nature. We also think prevention IS better than cure so we also vaccinate where appropriate.
However we will not abuse antibiotics, as modern food production systems have done.
We are continuing to refine the Oldganics method, but we believe it’s a sustainable system that is the real future of farming.

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