These feeders are great if you need to go away for a few days :-)
Click Video below to see one in action! (this feeder is over 2yrs old, please excuse the dirt inside! )
2 Stage feeder - upper hopper holds over 17 KG of usable feed
(feed not included)
Lower hopper collects feed as it drops, keeping it off the floor and dry. If suspended these feeders are great for stopping vermin stealing
Contains a Broddle for birds to peck, thus releasing feed
Feeds up to 10 Medium large chickens (such as light Sussex)
or 8 medium Ducks (such as Campbells) or 6 Geese (such as Embden)
(please state which birds, as holes are different sizes)
Anti nasty peck covers (protects birds neck/head from other birds)
Strong handle for suspending off ground.
Wind shield is used where wind comes from a dominant direction, such as on farmland, makes less likely feed will fall from accidental setting off due to wind
Or you can choose an extra feed hole if preferable
Please state No Wind shield when ordering
Please note:- these are made from recycled materials, and as such may contain scratches, skuffs or marks, however we provide a 18 Month Parts guarantee!
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Automatic Feeder 
only 25 + P&P If you have purchased chickens or fertile eggs from us - use our contact form to order at 20 or order via our webcart
Prevents boredom
Keeps feed dry,
safe from vermin & reduced feed loss to wild birds - save feed
4 access holes - with wind shield

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