We take all the stress out of incubating chicks!
We're here to support you all the way, We really mean it.
We supply an incubator to you, with fertile eggs, set it up on site, give you clear & simple instructions & we're always only a phone call away for you. We supply Chicken, Duck or Goose eggs.  
We give eggs for a variety of coloured chicks & will take away any hatched chicks, when you want, so you don't have to find homes for them!
We will also take care of any incidents, such as deformed chicks. we take all unhatched or partially hatched eggs away afterwards.
We can supply a brooder Box for you, so you can enjoy the chicks for a further week or so, if you wish, food & drinkers are supplied.
We're available to give talks & demonstrations to children.
the exact measurements for these brooders are:-
Length: 65 Cm
Width: 42 Cm
Height: 32 Cm
This playpen allows the children to really see chicks interacting with their surroundings, in a more natural way (we add natural materials, such as straw, not seen in the photograph).
You will see various Behaviours, such as chicks "scratching about", "squaring up" , "dust bathing", & "playing", its really funny to watch!
The can only be hired in conjunction with the brooder.
Size is: Length 1.1 Meter X Width 1.1 Meter 
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