ALL our Rare breed chicken fertile hatching eggs are from grass fed truly free ranging chickens. hence the chicks tend to be more healthier, than eggs from standard pellet fed chickens. You can find out more Info at our sister site www.fertilehatchingeggs.co.uk
We collect and turn the eggs daily, they are also dated in pencil.  In order to give you the freshest most fertile eggs possible your eggs will  be no more than 9/10 days old, and we MAY collect them only after you have placed an order. but we will advise you of the date we will post your eggs. 

please note we post our eggs on Monday- Thursday, so they wont be stuck in the post over the weekend.
If collecting the eggs we guarantee at least a 65% fertility rate when candled at 7 days. We will gladly replace eggs to make up the missing percentage (between march & October).
We  have no control over royal mail affecting the fertility please bear this in mind  
We have fertile chicken hatching eggs available now. The price per egg is between 1 & 2 each (for some rare purebreds).
Postage costs From 5.95 for 6 eggs sent 1st class royal mail or up to 8.95 for 12 eggs.
Extra Packaging costs for premium packaging (poly box with bubble wrap,inside and out side, then packed in a double walled card board box, with Bubblewrap), but are typically 5 for 12 eggs.
PLEASE Email or telephone us to enquire. we accept payment via paypal if posting or cash only if collecting in person.
NOTE:- breeding cockerel listed first EG RIR X MARAN is Rhode island red cockerel mating with a Maran hen (known as bluebell)
A 5%-10%  discount Is Available for More than 24 Fertile Eggs Purchased (depending on breed).
* items normally require 2 weeks pre-Ordering, for correct Hybrid
For 50 Eggs or more further discounts apply
you can now order eggs via our webcart
Email us salesbacktotheland@gmail.com
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